Experienced Crisis Communications Management team: 8 - 20 years experience each.

Wide Range of Circumstances:
Deaths, Disasters, Marketing Issues, Manufacturing Issues, Financial, Legal Issues, Manpower Issues, Technological Issues, Celebrity Issues, Government Issues, Criminality, Terrorism, Scandals, Pandemic issues, Family conflicts, Stock Market issues, Societal issues, Social Media Issues

Wide range of Severity: From consumer relations and viral embarrassments, through high profile media coverage and senate subcommittee

Wide Range of Industries: Pharma, Energy, Banking & Financial, Manufacturing, Technology, Real Estate, Services, Startups, FMCG, Ecommerce, Government, Fashion, Transportation, Retail

Regional Scope: Media, Influencer and LGU connections across the Philippines and ASEAN. Trained in ISO 31000 and CERM systems.

Fast results: Most crisis resolved in under 30 days, some under 24 hours.

Top 7 most common types of crisis (per our experience)

1. Marketing and Social Media
2. Major Customer Service issues
3. Scandals and Employee Behavior
4. Cybersecurity, Technology, Data Privacy Failures
5. Product failure/recall
6. Government Relations Issues
7. Disaster/Pandemic Impact