Who Is GeiserMaclang?

With our core philosophy of doing well by doing good, together with our goal of nation-building, we at GeiserMaclang had created waves of change across different indusries in the Philippine Market for more than 20 years. By delivering consultancy and agency together in a single package, we have crafted a team of experts and professionals; ready to take on every possible need.

Our Philosophies

Inspiring Trust
We believe that trust is the fundamental aspect of every business. By exhibiting accountability, responsibility, and commitment, we aim to achieve this by delivering value in every way. With dormant possiblities in every corner, the confidence of our stakeholders is crucial in pursuing innovation for the future.
Thinking Transformatively
With the landscape of society shifting, GeiserMaclang also focuses on changing. By providing transformative ideas, we aim to shift the perspective, generate growth, understanding, resulting in solutions.
Doing Well by Doing Good
Together with seamless executions, we believe that utilizing effective communication is a force for positive social change. This key element provided success in building and nourishing our clients' businesses, creating a ripple of support towards communities and other stakeholders.

Our Services

Whether you are a start-up or an established brand, eConsultancy is a service that keeps your strategic marketing decisions in check. GeiserMaclang eConsultancy unites a team of marketing experts, issues, risks, and crises specialists, and brand strategists that help generate directions for your business towards achieving your goals.
Public Relations and Influencer Marketing
With the two tried and tested ways to gain a following, How does GeiserMaclang make it different? It's simple, by tapping the right people and communities while feeding your message through strategic channels. Public Relations and Influencer Marketing are tools that can help you reach your audience better.
Digital Marketing
Looking at the shift from traditional to digital, online marketing has become an essential aspect of today's businesses. At GeiserMaclang, we create effective online strategies to put your brand within your target market.
Creative Design and Production
An effective marketing campaign sounds good, but an aesthetically pleasing one is more effective. GeiserMaclang's Creative Design Team will help you convert your ideas and marketing plan to capture and effectively communicate your campaign's intent.
Events and Activations
Events are critical in engaging your target market, that is why GeiserMaclang's seasoned Events and Activation planners scrutinize every detail to secure that your brand stands out from the rest.
Marketing Plans
GeiserMaclang's team of specialists curates marketing communications plans that strictly follow the key elements of research, strategy, storytelling, insight, organization, detail, aesthetics, communications, punctuality, and feasibility. While anchored on business insight, these achievements eventually lead to the change of perceptions, wider reach, scope, and impact.
Marketing Research
When you are making changes in your business, finding relevant information that makes better decisions is difficult, but GeiserMaclang will help you in targeting the key elements in your business.
Universal Content
The Lionfish of GeiserMaclang, the Universal Content Team is composed of writers and communication consultants, ready to take on any challenge to make your marketing communications efficient and effective. We help enable you to communicate in different avenues through writing and transform perceptions.
Applied Democracy
Learn about the hidden risk which has led to the closure of a rising number of companies, otherwise healthy, in the Philippines and what you can do to recognize it and protect yourself.