Changing Perceptions,
Influencing Beliefs

In an ever-changing world, GeiserMaclang is here to provide you the best business solutions across all platforms. With 23 years of excellence in Public Relations, Marketing, and Crisis Management, GMCI now aims to provide you and your business on-demand online services on the fly.
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The GeiserMaclang Difference

Marketing is essential in every business; that is why we at GeiserMaclang, provide a thorough, in-depth look at your company and your targets. By applying research analysis, plans, and together with our track record in terms of excellence, we aim to imbue audiences by providing transformative content, leading to success.
Crisis Management
In partnership with seasoned industry leaders, we have ensured the success of brands with meticulous adaptation towards crises across the nation. From rational , breakthrough business decisions up to changing perceptions, we enable success by influencing beliefs and social behavior through our network of local and multinational entities.
Online Services
With the rapid change of traditional to digital media in full swing, GeiserMaclang is here to help you adapt to these changing times. We will help turn your legacy into an agile and relevant business with our well-thought-out campaigns, turning it into an online brand recognized in the world.
Public Relations
With Public Relations as our core, GeiserMaclang has built connections that nurtured national, regional, and international media relationships. This connection has empowered us to go beyond in promoting, amplifying, and sharing stories across different industries.
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