FirstDibs by Amor Maclang • Published 28 April 2019


Mad Men may no longer be the most appropriate way to view the creative industry, here in the Philippines or anywhere else. As more female creative geniuses take the lead, either in doing excellent executions or delivering empowering campaigns, the perspectives of the industry are shaping up to become more inclusive of its audience.

In this creative world of women, we see how innate inventiveness flows from their end and how these fierce women are changing mindsets and manners one pitch and execution at a time. GMCI’s very own Amor Maclang is a case in point. Never failing to amaze anyone she meets, Amor brings so much creativity and passion to the table wherever she goes and whatever activity she takes part in.

However, there are still other equally talented and gifted women who have rocked the creative world in more ways than one. We asked a few of these powerful women in the marketing communication field what they think women contribute to the industry. Their response is as diverse as their field of expertise. Check them out.


CEO, Activations Advertising, Inc.

“With our natural-born instinct, women have the edge to come up with concepts that best suit the target market. The experience that most women undergo during childhood lays the foundation of putting together strategies to make sure that an idea will resonate and cut to the clutter in every campaign. Our emotional side gives us the sensitivity to make our creative output unique and stay in the minds of the consumer for a very long time. We work with our heart as the center of everything that we do. This, coupled with hard work and experience, makes every task worthwhile and successful.” -----


Business Director, dentsu X

“As dentsu X is an experience agency, we aim to understand and create a great brand experience for various types of audiences beyond exposure. Women in our team normally give contrast perspective based on their own research and personal experiences - the heart and courage, the fierceness and gentleness, the empathy and logic. These make our experience ideas insightful and meaningful to specific audiences we reach and engage with.” -----


Executive Client Director, Dentsu Jayme Syfu

“Women give a different perspective of the world. Because, for the longest time, the men were the ones who supposedly ruled. The best thing about working with women is that they put their heart into everything which makes advertising more authentic.” -----


Media Planning Director

“The attention to details, the capacity to probe deeper until they find the answers, the sheer will to push through and improvise with whatever resources they have, and the ability to create a nurturing environment in this highly competitive industry—these are the amazing things that women bring to the table.”