Dubbed “Lionfish,” GeiserMaclang’s Content Team consists of writers and communication consultants equipped with the tools you need to keep your marketing communications streamlined and effective.

To successfully permeate the competitive stream, your campaign must have a distinctive voice that brings out your messaging and identity. Working in tandem with creative managers and planners, every concept is realized by LionFish in the words that perfectly encompass the brand’s needs throughout the vast scope of industries. Whether your brand falls into a lifestyle or business category, it will be matched perfectly and personified in each written work attributed to your brand.

What is universal content? This covers various forms of media for every stage of your strategic plan. From the very beginning of your campaign, the content team will start to build your brand architecture with your own distinct message house and pillars. From there, you can opt for a unique corporate communication brand bible that will dictate each aspect of your campaign and future identity.

With each need arises creative content to further your brand and push it into the mainstream. Hence, GeiserMaclang’s LionFish creates media pitches, sales kits, press releases, post-event releases, newsletter extracts, infographics, and many others more.
The team guides you through every challenge, and that is why we incorporate universal content within our media training. Your brand and its ambassadors will be guided with talk points and crisis messaging catering to specific situations that may come up regarding your brand so that your campaign can succeed no matter what comes along the way.

With universal content, GeiserMaclang goes beyond creative content and messaging. We flexibly craft avenues through writing and transform perceptions and champion influential thinking so that every brand in any industry can achieve its goals and pioneer new waves in the market.