FirstDibs by Amor Maclang • Published 15 September 2019


For ages, we have been trying to turn back the hands of time while aiming to uncover the secret to ageless, gravity-defying skin.

It turns out that the fabled fountain of youth can be found deep within the earth--in a gold mine where the 24-karat magic behind premium global brand Orogold Cosmetics comes from. And, no, it’s not alchemy, there’s a real science to it and it emanates from one precious metal: gold.

Curative Qualities of Gold

The earliest civilizations were the first to harness gold’s intrinsic curative qualities for healing rituals, and with the breakthroughs in technology and the most cutting-edge techniques, the power of gold has been unlocked, to achieve firm, glowing, and unblemished skin to withstand the test of time.

Since it opened its very first branch here in 2011, Orogold has become the leading luxury store in the country, the first to bring the high-end lifestyle store concept to Manila and introduce a VIP service to its clientele, including giving complimentary consultations and facials done by expertly trained staff.

Through its wide array of 24-karat gold-infused eye creams, facial masks, and hand and body lotions, Orogold has innovated custom solutions tailor-fit to specific skin concerns. Whether it’s targeted for brightening a dull complexion, nourishing dry skin, or preventing the signs of aging, there’s an Orogold line perfect for every need.

Culminating in yet another milestone, with an august start that kicked off the month, Orogold Philippines recently marked its 8th year in the country.

Setting the Gold Standard

Orogold products are the height of luxury and represent the premier tier of skincare and cosmetics for true beauty connoisseurs, but beneath the golden exterior, is an untold story of how it came to be.

Yuval Mann, CEO of Luxebrand Global Incorporated (LGI)--the company that brought Orogold Cosmetics to the Philippines, recounts the guiding principles and philosophies that sustained the brand’s journey over the last eight years.

Yuval shares that despite how chaotic the world is, with the stressful and hectic lives people lead, a glimpse of beauty always brings happiness. And this has always been his objective--to be a source of happiness for their customers and other stakeholders.

“What we’re trying to create here in Orogold is a world where no matter what happens outside, people can feel safe, people can trust each other, people can help each other, and find some moments of happiness. This is, in many ways, our secret to success and for building a really good company,” recalls Yuval.

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