Public Relations and Influencer Marketing are two of the tried and tested ways for great ideas to be unleashed and for brands to gain a following. When everyone is screaming for attention, how do you make sure that your brand becomes significantly visible via various media platform, stakeholders remain engaged, and your message is delivered to your intended audience?

Simple: By tapping into the right people and communities and feeding your message through strategic channels.

Public Relations and Influencer Marketing are viable tools you can use to let your target audience know about your brand, your business, your story, and how you can fill in the gaps in between. These services create and heighten awareness about your brand, which can effectively help to draw in more clients and investors, leading to revenue generation and establishing a positive brand reputation.

Public Relations has been one of the core strengths of GeiserMaclang, owing to a solid relationship built and nurtured with national, regional, and international media organizations. This strong connection allows us to engage these institutions to promote, amplify, and share the stories of brands from various industries. Apart from this, we have also been expanding our connections to include social media personalities in recognition of the edge they wield in terms of amplification.

Influencer Marketing and Management is another valuable service for getting the word out about your brand. Anchoring on our wide network of relevant influencers across different categories, we engage influencers who are deemed as mover and thought-leaders on specific projects, maximizing their follower base and the credibility they could bring in for your brand.

GeiserMaclang’s expertise in Public Relations and Influencer Marketing extends to a comprehensive list of other strategic marketing communication tools, which can be tailor-fit or mixed-and-matched to your brand’s needs:

•Media Monitoring
•Media Buying
•Press Conference
•Business Round Table
•Media One-on-One Interview
•Stakeholder Mapping
•Media Seeding
•Media Relations
•Media Inviting
•Stakeholder Management and Inviting
•Influencer Onboarding and Management
•Media Training (Standard and Executive)
•Media Junkets
•Online Reputation Management

Through Public Relations and Influencer Marketing, brands attempting to make a splash in the market can effectively make the big first step. Even well-known or established brands that either face quite a challenge engaging their intended audience or want to sustain interest and familiarity will benefit greatly from this service.

Utilizing a unique and strategic approach to this service, GeiserMaclang has been creating dynamic and impactful campaigns for many brands whose public relations needs are diverse.