FirstDibs by Amor Maclang • Published 25 March 2019


Praxis, the company behind the board game that walks you through an entire financial lifecycle in one sitting, is rolling out something big with the opening of their first “financial gym” in the Philippines.

The company is piloting this space in the Makati area that aims to reach out to more Filipinos and better prepare them for their financial future.

Just like in any gym, customers will be able to access trainers to guide them except that, in this case, the trainers take the form of financial advisers.

More than just a board game, a full Praxis gameplay session features everything from boom to recession economic cycles, stock market simulations, and even monthly paydays. Throughout the session, players rotate through different jobs and are given choices on how to make their money work for them in the context of the economic environment.

Because of this, the Praxis financial gym is the perfect place to understand concrete steps one can take to progress on their financial journey. In the two hours that one is seated at the Praxis table, the gamemasters deliver insights on the decisions made throughout the game that have real-world applications.

So, just as you’re hitting the gym to tone those muscles for a summer-ready body, also take the time to head down to the Praxis financial gym to tone yourself for a financially-savvy future!