FirstDibs by Amor Maclang • Published 11 February 2019

Green Building as Advocacy

In a time of niche green building practices and fast expansion for more profit, ArthaLand rose to the challenge of innovating what it means to work and live in a green building. ArthaLand’s commitment to its core mission of creating structures that mimic art in an arena of gray blocks and tall high-rises paved the way for its transformation from boutique green developer to the expert in building holistic green landscapes.

The story of the ArthaLand Century Pacific Tower (ACPT) exemplifies honest and sincere thought leadership. Not only did it highlight ArthaLand’s shining gem of an architectural project, it also showed the company’s struggle and eventual success in green development. ArthaLand became the voice that pushed for sustainable building as a challenging but worthy endeavor. Its noble cause won it dual certifications for ACPT and Arya Residences.

Beyond celebrating awards, ArthaLand communicated their future plans, specifically the development of the Cebu Exchange Tower. This shows how ArthaLand continues its mission and never stops at a single win-- a true mark of a leader who values the space he owns and upholds.

As a result, ArthaLand crafted a unique reputation and established credibility as the thought leader that values Filipino architecture and talent as much as it shows respect to the environment through sustainable building practices.

ArthaLand story:

ArthaLand Eyes Leadership in Green Building Development