FirstDibs by Amor Maclang • Published 15 September 2019


GMCI team members share their experience in int'l engagements

Many of the engagements that GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications pursue involve global brands. Aside from making sure that global brands become more relevant in the local market, GMCI team members sometimes even have to travel abroad in conjunction with their international campaigns.

Here are some of the recent global engagements of our team members and their thoughts on their experience.


PR Executive

Going to Taiwan, the renowned milk tea capital of the world, for our CoCo Tea media junket was a thrilling experience for me. I could not contain how happy I was to have seen up close Taiwan's culture and tourism contributions. It was my first time to go outside the country and it was for a fun-filled work trip--an adventure of tracing back where and how CoCo started with their amazing hit drink.

I felt so at home in Taiwan and it's all because of CoCo and the people behind this much-loved milk tea brand. We stayed there for two nights and three days, billeted at the classy Hilton Hotel with huge bedrooms, smart appliances, and even a remote-controlled toilet seat.

But what made the trip special was that we always had time for food. We went around the city tasting the amazing Taiwan cuisine, such as the mouth-watering dim sum, the warm and flaky salted egg puffs that melt like butter, the dashing flavors of the Baos, and the amazing beef noodles from Tao Yuan Street.

I loved every minute of the trip, which for me is truly worth remembering.


PR and Engagement Executive

Working in the PR Industry has always presented me with opportunities to travel for work. So when GeiserMaclang recently went to Malaysia for the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia, I was able to immerse myself not only in our tasks but also in local delicacies, culture, and innovation.
Discovering the beauty of a country always amplifies my desire to preserve mother nature's authenticity for the future generation to experience and enjoy. And the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia is a platform that enables our future leaders to marry innovation, efficiency, and sustainability for the global good.

To see and hear first-hand the dedication, the sweat, the tears, and sacrifices of our future movers and shakers from all over Asia during the event made me realize that the youth is the key to ensuring that the next generations will enjoy the privileges that we have now and more.

PR and Engagement Executive

GeiserMaclang recently went to Malaysia for the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia, the Asia leg of Shell’s world-wide energy efficiency competition where participants build automotive vehicles to achieve the highest possible fuel efficiency.

We were with the Philippine teams in their competition journey, which was full of highs, lows and everything in between. The trip was also an opportunity for us to explore and immerse in the culture and cuisine of Malaysia. We were able to visit the iconic sites like the Petronas Towers and KL Tower, and eat scrumptious dishes and drinks like Roti Canai, Satay, Nasi Lemak and Teh Tarik.