FirstDibs by Amor Maclang • Published 18 September 2019


by Anne Tiangco

We’ve all seen international brands coming to the Philippines at a rapid pace. And here are some interesting trivia that might explain why:

In the fragrance category, Filipinos rule in scent purchases among our Southeast Asian neighbors. When it comes to fashion, Filipinos have been described as the region’s most fashionable. In terms of beauty and skincare, Filipinos indulge in treatments and new beauty regimens.

And when it comes to food, what can we say, Filipinos love to eat, explore different cuisines, and indulge in world class meals.

For these reasons alone, the Philippines is constantly in the radar of global retail brands and is hands-down the favorite country when brands open branches in Southeast Asia.

GeiserMaclang has been privileged to be the communication partner of these favorite global brands as they enter the Philippine market.


Singapore-based global luxury distribution company Luxasia has been in the Philippines for quite some time but the recent visit of CEO Wolfgang Baier added the much-needed boost in the public’s awareness of their brand.

Luxasia’s forecast of the Philippine luxury market is highly optimistic based on the 40% growth between 2013 and 2018. Luxasia, which is known to shape luxury markets, is confident that they will be able to bring to the Philippines more of the premium luxury brands that they handle very soon.


When United Nude opened its first shop in the Philippines at the beginning of this year, the shoe-loving Filipinos were beyond thrilled. Dutch designer Rem D Koolhaas, yes, he of the famous Lady Gaga avant-garde shoes and Issey Miyake partnerships, even conducted a masterclass right inside their flagship store at Resorts World Manila and drew in a lot of influencers, media and design enthusiasts.

Marrying architectural concepts with avant-garde shoe designs, this visionary said that the Philippines is ready for his designs, adding that Filipinos are more fashion-forward compared to their Asian counterparts which makes it a very interesting market for United Nude.


Inglot is a premium American cosmetic brand with Polish roots that was brought to the Philippines by the Lim sisters Michelle, Hazel, and Pauline. Its market is very targeted but cosmetic fans were thrilled when we introduced and reinforced the brand as paraben- and cruelty-free and has the unique “Freedom Palette” that allows women to have their favorite colors and makeup in just one case.

Of course, it helped that the face of Inglot is no less than Hollywood A-lister and Latina goddess J Lo.


GeiserMaclang is very proud to have helped bring this milk tea brand to the Philippines straight from the milk tea capital of the world, Taiwan, five years ago when the market was just starting to get crazy over boba.
Young entrepreneur Larry Evans Tan believed that CoCo would make it big in the Philippines and after one large cup of one of their best sellers, Panda, we were convinced too!

Fast forward to today, CoCo recently bagged the People’s Choice for Favorite Milk Tea, the lines in all their 36 branches never stopped, they’re selling at 100 cups per second globally, and delivery services receive an order of CoCo every 4 minutes!

GeiserMaclang met their Chairman Tommy Hung and wife Judy in a recent invitation to Taiwan and they said that the Philippines is one of their strongest markets.
CoCo just wrapped up a very successful “CoCo Chill Camp” as their way of saying thank you to their tons of followers which have propelled the brand as the number one milk tea brand globally and in the country!

As passionate as we are in helping local brands and pushing for advocacies, we are equally energized helping global brands successfully penetrate the Philippine market and being leaders in their own categories.

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