As events of all kinds often have big roles to fulfill in engaging target markets, Events and Activations by seasoned GeiserMaclang event planners bring careful attention to detail to make sure your brand stands out and gets the most out of every gathering.

Events and Activations entail a comprehensive set of services designed to ensure a smooth and successful function or activity for your brand:

•Event Conceptualization and Event Creative Oversight, which involves the formulation and ideation of framework and creative strategies that are aligned with the brand’s overall messaging and objectives.  This part sets the stage for the visual, ambient, and experiential impact of a particular event.

•Event Execution, wherein the approved event concept, strategy, and objective are carried out for your business. All logistical requirements and management of manpower are also part of this service.

•Event Management, which entails the overseeing, coordinating, and managing of logistical requirements and all manpower involved in executing a particular type of event. This service requires organizational and tactical skills to orchestrate every single detail of an event.

GeiserMaclang’s team of experienced, driven, and creative event planners help your brand carry out an event with a solid framework and strategy aligned to your objectives. Next, the customer journey is mapped out by designing a program flow and activities that are crucial to the event. Once done, all the logistical requirements and manpower needed are identified and coordinated.

Events and Activations by GeiserMaclang helps your brand achieve a specific objective by crafting an engaging and memorable customer journey. An imperative element in any type of event, this needs to have a dynamic approach that will make your brand become easily recognizable to your target market and stand out against competitors.

To achieve this, GeiserMaclang utilizes creative strategies, distinct event concepts, and seamless executions with the goal of building prominence and increasing brand awareness.