FirstDibs by Amor Maclang • Published 06 October 2019


Trusting the next generation to make energy brighter and better

Everything that people do today has an impact on future generations. In the energy sector, delivering cleaner energy and making it accessible to more Filipinos is a mission that does not rest only on the shoulders of world and industry leaders. It is a mission that involves even the next generation.

Pilipinas Shell has continually advocated for letting the voices of younger talents speak and spark innovation and change within its ranks.

Recently, it has made it a point to involve children in its moving campaign, #MakeTheFuture. The campaign recognizes that sustainability and environmental and social responsibility can truly happen when leaders listen to the voices of future stakeholders.

As part of this movement, Pilipinas Shell gathered the current and the next generation in a face-to-face assembly to promote energy consciousness and education among the youngsters. As the future decision-makers and stakeholders of the country, the children satisfied their curiosity and opened their eyes to the different initiatives that are currently in place.

“We really want to empower kids. They have so much potential to think of new ideas and create things—all we need to do is give them the right resources and opportunities so they can do their part in putting energy to good use and powering communities in the future,” says Cesar Romero, country chairman of Shell companies in the Philippines.

Beyond renewable energy and off-grid energy access, the children also learned the importance of different kinds of energy that fuel everyday lives.

“Energy is more than just the fuel that moves us every day. At Pilipinas Shell, we have always seen energy as cohesive and influential in other sectors of life, including health, safety, and even the arts,” adds Romero.

Thus, part of understanding energy is seeing how it can be applied to advance the various branches of one’s lifestyle. At the #MakeTheFuture assembly, Romero was joined by Managing Director of Shell Philippines Exploration B.V. (SPEX) Don Paulino and Country Health Manager Dr. Rose Rivera, who provided different perspectives to which energy can be applied.

“In Shell, we see our people as sources of energy, because they fuel our operations and provide new ideas on how we can further innovate our processes and services,” shares Rivera. “That’s why their health is a topmost priority in the company.”

“We feel that everyone, adults and kids alike, have so much to offer so we can solve the problems of energy,” adds Paulino. “Right now, we feel that adults can do more by taking the next step of educating kids about energy so they can also make it their mission to push for a future with clean, sustainable, and accessible energy for everyone.”

IN PHOTO: Country chairman of Shell companies in the Philippines Cesar Romero,
Country Health Manager Dr. Rose Rivera, and Managing Director of Shell Philippines Exploration B.V. (SPEX) Don Paulino prepare kids for their contributions to the Philippine energy landscape through energy education.