Whether you’re managing a start-up business or an already established brand, consultancy stands as an important service that help keep all your strategic marketing directions aligned.

Consultancy with Amor Maclang, Brad Geiser, Marco Lobregat, and Elio Machillanda of GeiserMaclang entails advisory meetings where business practice experience and knowledge are brought up to shape the strategy and help achieve business objectives. A consultant shares your aim to unveil the real needs of your business, the elements that may trigger consumers to consider your brand, and the creation of an ecosystem that would overcome your challenges and help pursue measurable results.

GeiserMaclang Consultancy brings together a team of marketing experts, issues, risks, and crises specialists, and brand strategists to map out crucial direction intended to achieve the goals of your business, whether for a specific campaign a one-off initiative, or both.

Even brands engaged in a saturated market do need an efficient strategy, especially those that aim to penetrate a new segment or category. This is where GeiserMaclang’s consultancy expertise becomes your brand’s game-changing tool, whether for marketing, reputation building, business development, or issues/risks/crisis management. Obtaining an objective outside perspective from industry experts through GeiserMaclang and its team of consultants will deliver you a competitive advantage.

GeiserMaclang has a number of consultancy categories, each having its own purpose and role in your brand’s journey, delivered through the expertise of strategists Amor Maclang, Brad Geiser, Marco Lobregat, and Elio Machillanda.

Marketing Consultancy focuses on establishing or strengthening a brand’s ability to connect with their market, whether to reinforce their identity or introduce a new idea. Business Development identifies winning business models and opportunities to convert or improve conversion rates.  Reputation Consultancy, on the other hand, aims to achieve the perceived market value or your brand, while Risk, Issues, and Crisis Mitigation Consultancy uses a scientific approach to properly and commensurately deal with matters that could potentially you’re your brand reputation, and to determine how to bring the situation back to “business as usual.”