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Arla Foods intended to dominate a market that used cheese merely as garnish, and not even real cheese at that. After being in the Philippines for thirty years, Arla Foods faced massive competition in an industry of established plain milk, processed cheeses, artificial cheese spreads, and even reconstituted dairy substitutes.

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Communicate the brand’s unique proposition of real and natural products with a heritage of sustainable production from one of Denmark’s largest dairy cooperatives.

Knowing that the Philippines is one of the most active social media capitals in the world, establish an ubiquitous online presence through a website, social media platforms, and influencer-driven engagement.

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Provided the market with consumption opportunities through easy-to-make dairy recipes that spanned the snack to meal segments for both young and old, simple eaters and picky gourmands, parents and millennials.

• Over 12 months, Arla Foods’ business grew by 153%.
• In November 2016, Arla Foods became the market leader for the chilled cheese category with 16.2% in market share. Reinforced credibility around the quality of the products through chefs and influencers that produced original and relevant content for the target market.
• Arla Foods’ total Facebook Page Likes amounted to 93,300 as of April 2017, growing at an average of 5,394 new Page Likes per month, with nearly 33,500,000 total Unique Users Reached and 683,000 total Unique Users Engaged.
• Over 17 months since January 2016, the Arla Foods Facebook Page has amassed a total of 37,400,000 Impressions and 636,000 Engagements and Clicks.
• Between April to September 2016, Arla Foods’ media efforts for the cheese spread line count as 6.5 million pesos (USD 130,000) in media values.