FirstDibs by Amor Maclang • Published 08 August 2019


Diversity, inclusion champion becomes FPh’s first female ED

GMCI’s own Amor Maclang wears many hats, such as globally awarded brand architect, marketing movement maker, and risk & reputation strategist. Another role that she continues to make waves in is as Executive Director of Fintech Philippines Association (FinTech PH)—the first female director of the groundbreaking association.

One way she has remolded the financial technology (fintech) industry is her emphasis on inclusion and diversity. “We champion not just inclusion based on gender but also in terms of underserved and marginalized sectors,” Maclang explained in a forum with women leaders in technology last March.

“I will tirelessly work together with all these women leaders to create inclusion and diversity in all its forms, not just gender-based.” Maclang is also proud of being part of an industry that is primarily dominated by men—blockchain, fintech, and crypto. “Unlike in other male-dominated industries, like my favored 3D industry (dirty, dangerous, and difficult), the Philippine technology scene is young, vibrant, and is at the heart of the discourse in Asia Pacific,” she stressed.

Another way that Maclang promotes inclusivity in the underserved and marginalized sectors is her campaign for social enterprises to adapt financial technologies. "I want social enterprises to incorporate financial technology into their businesses in order to scale and improve their offerings, strengthening their social impact. I also want fintech companies to know about social enterprises,” noted Maclang.

Hopefully, more collaborations would happen between the two in the future. Some of the social enterprises that could use financial technology for growth include Happy Helpers, Palamigan, MR Tours, and Theo and Philo.

GKONOMICS, one of GMCI’s social enterprise clients, can also benefit from the technology and services of a potential fintech partner.

Leading the Philippine fintech revolution

The Fintech Philippines Association (FinTech PH) is a non-profit association representing and promoting the country as a global leader in fintech innovation. Members are those who are interested in growing their fintech ecosystem, and include organizations like Unionbank, FWD Life Philippines, Salarium, Advance, and Angkas. FinTech PH aims to transform the fintech ecosystem of the Philippines into a global leader and hub for innovation.

FinTech PH is also working to develop skills to build a fintech community and develop relationships among members to promote goals in the industry. Aside from relationships within the community, it also aims to build relationships externally.

The Philippines can grow and develop from these worldwide relationships, especially since it is a member of the ASEAN FinTech Council. FinTech PH also aims for regulatory advocacy, meaning, it can give information that is fact-checked and applicable to regulators.